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Soft db - Real Time Adaptive Sound Masking System
SmartSMS-NET is designed to provide the best masking sound while preserving the comfort of the occupants. The precise adjustment of the masking sound to the specific characteristics and noise conditions of each work area is what distinguishes this system. It is based on three unique features:
Automatic Equalization Process 
A 340 narrow band equalization (instead of the usual 20 1/3 octave bands) ensures the production of a uniquely smooth, regular and comfortable sound masking, irrespective of the acoustical characteristics of the work space  

Real-Time Adaptive  
Adjustment of the Masking Sound Level Continuously adjusts the masking sound level based on ambient noise measurement. In a busy work area, the masking sound increases. It decreases when the work area quiets down 

Networked System 
The SmartSMS-NET is very flexible, it features small masking zones and larger masking zones. It combines the flexibility of network system and the cost efficiency of centralized systems.
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